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North American Spine Foundation is a non-profit organization established to end spine-related disability through research, education and advocacy

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View the latest information regarding spine-related disability and updates on our activities, intiatives, and impact.



We need your help. To eliminate spine-related disability, everyone must come together in the effort. Please join us in this important cause.



Join our Executive Director, researchers, and other experts in discussions about back and neck disorders and spine-related disability.

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Your contributions will immediately fund the research, education, and advocacy needed to make a meaningful and positive impact

Our Vision & Mission

The North American Spine Foundation is dedicated to addressing the #1 cause of suffering worldwide: spine-related disability.

Our vision is to end spine-related disability.

Our mission is to sponsor research, education, and advocacy to end spine-related disability.

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What we do

The North American Spine Foundation funds and inspires:

  • Research that reveals innovative ways to reduce and prevent spine-related disability.
  • Education to build global awareness.
  • Advocacy to influence policy changes that help to reduce and prevent spine-related disability.

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